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So You Want To Be A Rockstar Photographer (Signed Paperback)

So You Want To Be A Rockstar Photographer (Signed Paperback)

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Social media has created a myth of the a professional photographer's life as "Rockstar" glamorous. Web personalities who claim that the ticket to success is to "branding"—heavy on style, light on skill—who seem to spend more time in front of the camera than behind it. This myth is hurting a profession that already faces daunting challenges. It’s harder than ever to forge success as a professional event photographer. That’s why it’s critical to learn the real skills and secrets that will help you succeed. Not the motivational, “Buy a BMW and believe in yourself” stuff, but practical principles that generate business in the real world.

"So You Want to Be a Rockstar Photographer" is for professionals, budding pros, and anyone interested in learning more about how to thrive in the real world of event photography. What you may discover is that when you stop trying to be a rockstar, and start focusing on the process of being a thoughtful, client-centered pro, you might become an outstanding success.

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