What Makes The Lightsphere Generation 5 The Best Lighting Accessory Anywhere

All Authentic GARY FONG MERCHANDISE is made in the USA. Please see our current counterfeit advisory about Chinese Counterfeits sold on Amazon.

  • 1. It’s collapsible, folds flat for easy storage, OR retracts when you want to shoot direct flash.
  • 2. It weighs 3 ounces, or 85 grams – half the weight of your mobile device. 3. It is the strongest mount out of any flash attachment. One pull of this band, and it will not fall off. To release, pull on the strap!
  • 4. The top is not covered. Most diffusers block light to the ceiling resulting in dark interiors.
  • 5. There is NO WHITE COLOR put into the material. Putting in white dye reduces the power and performance of your flash significantly.