How To Photograph Portraits In A Paris Apartment Stairwell

While in Europe for his photography public events, Gary Fong found a unique stairwell perfect for an off-camera portrait demonstrating […]

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Creating Dramatic Portraits At An Old Industrial Park In Germany

Gary recently presented at Photo+Adventure in Germany and afterwards went outside to an old industrial park to demonstrate how fast […]

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Miss World Canada Shoot with Lightbulb Adapter Kit | Part One

In this video, Gary Fong shows you how to set up lighting for a portrait photograph. The model is Ena […]

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How To Achieve Directional Fill Lighting With Off-Camera Flash

Gary Fong demonstrates how to shape light for eye-catching portraits using one off-camera flash unit, the Nissin Di700a with Air […]

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Cinematography: Slow Motion Cinema with HFR (High Frame Rate)

Watch a live demonstration of the powerful HFR feature in the latest Sony a7Sii and RX100iv and

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The Gary Fong Lightsphere by Wesley and Willow Fong

Wesley Fong photographs Willow Fong in a demonstration of a before and after flash photograph using the Gary Fong Lightsphere. […]

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Cinematography: Creating Photo Albums From A Cinema Film

This is an excerpt from our 2 hour and 45 minute Sony Mirrorless Cinema Series available for $29.95. In this […]

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Cinematography: Changing Your Mindset From Video To Movie

This is an excerpt from our 2 hour and 45 minute Sony Mirrorless Cinema Series available for $29.95. In this […]

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How To Use Aperture And Lens F-Stops on Sony Cameras

In this video Gary explains a powerful creative tool in photography, depth-of-field. Depth-Of-Field is controlled by aperture, which can be […]

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35mm Full Frame, APS-C And 1.0-Type Sensor Comparison

In this video, Gary compares the Full Frame, APS-C and 1.0-Type sensors and how they effect your image’s depth-of-field. Gear […]

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How To Use High Speed Sync And Color Gels For Portraits

This video is the last instalment of Gary’s Portrait Photography series where he walks you through using on-camera flash to […]

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How To Add A Hairlight to Your Off-Camera Flash Lighting

Building off the previous Portrait Photography videos, links below, Gary demonstrates off-camera flash portraits using the Nissin Di700a and Air […]

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