Production Status

Production Status

January 1, 2021 - Back in production!

We had been out of stock in the e-store, and on other outlets because of supply-chain shortages of raw material. What happened is the materials factories had to shut down because of Covid, and when things opened up again, every plastics manufacturer in the U.S. wanted to replenish their stock. This created shortage of the plastic and silicone blend that we use to make the Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible (our anchor product).

So we were out of stock, worldwide, for about two years.

The great news is that we're back, and we're starting to produce in limited quantities.

Amazon has settled with us regarding propagation of counterfeit merchandise (including the closure of nearly 120 Amazon stores that sold counterfeit Gary Fong products). With our help, we took the counterfeiters down, and now we are the exclusive merchants of official Gary Fong Merchandise

Our products are available on Amazon, and only through our store, GARY FONG PHOTOGRAPHIC. If you see another retailer selling my products on Amazon, they are either return merchandise or obtained overseas outside of our distribution channels. Do not patronize unauthorized retailers!

Thanks for your patience, I know many people were wondering if we were obsoleting the product, and the answer is no. We've sold over a million Lightspheres worldwide, and I'm thrilled to have had a hand in creating so many beautifully, softly lit images to be enjoyed for generations.

Gary Fong, Inventor and CEO.

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