What To Do If You Have A Counterfeit

I have had long discussions with Amazon. Amazon does not want you to keep counterfeit merchandise that you have purchased from them. Even if you are past the 30 day window – here’s how to get a refund:

  1. Determine if you have a counterfeit – by watching this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5cVSambeYs
  2. Use a SHARPIE and write “COUNTERFEIT” on it – this will ensure that Amazon does not return the product to circulation.
  3. Use AMAZON’S A-Z Guarantee to file a counterfeit claim. Click here
  4. Purchase authentic GARY FONG MERCHANDISE manufacturer direct. We offer a lifetime guarantee against defects, and will have all of your purchase information in our system.
  5. Please inform anyone you know with a poorly performing GARY FONG LIGHTSPHERE. Chances are, they were made in China, not USA. And please – share this link!